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The world’s first, secure, patented software/hardware wallet for Bitcoin.


HybridWallet is the most advanced, secure solution for Bitcoin wallet.


For Mobile Devices

HybridWallet Premium was built to be the most advanced, easy to use and secure system for mobile devices.

Keep your Bitcoins safe

HybridWallet Premium is the ONLY wallet with integrated and patented security technology on the market today.

Multi-Factor Authencation

Only HybridWallet Premium uses both Hardware and Software to keep your cryptocurrencies protected.


We are always working on enhancing our technology and will always provide updates of the HybridWallet app.

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How it works:

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Download our app from the App Store and create a new wallet or import existing wallets that you have. Be sure to backup your new wallet and allow TouchID. You're now ready to get started using HybridWallet Free! Send and receive your cryptocurrencies and check your balance for free.

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Nothing is charged for HybridWallet Free, but we highly recommend our HybridWallet Premium. The free version does not include the proprietary multi-factor, patented security of our Premium version.

Frequently Asked Questions

How HybridWallet works?

We've built HybridWallet Premium to provide you with the most secure solution for cryptocurrencies. It is based on a patented multi-factor authentication solution called Authen Digital. Authen Digital is unique in the marketplace in that it binds your account to specific devices. The Premium package will allow you to authorize one device to access your wallet.

Is HybridWallet Free safe to use?

HybridWallet Free was designed with security in mind and with Premium, accessing your wallet involves both hardware and software to reach the highest level of security of any offered wallet.

Is there a fee for using HybridWallet?

There are no fees for using HybridWallet Free. There is a nominal charge of $59.90 for enabling HybridWallet's Premium security features.