Why HybridWallet?

The need for a secure and safe wallet is no longer an option. As the number of users of cryptocurrency have increased, so has the interest from criminal elements. HybridWallet aids in creating a safe environment for your cryptocurrency assets.

Free Trial

Get started today by storing your Bitcoin in HybridWallet Free. Patented software provides additional protection for your wallet when you upgrade to HybridWallet Premium.

Secure Payment

The hardware/software patented HybridWallet Premium is the best Bitcoin wallet and private key storage. Don't put yourself at risk using lesser solutions.

Free Updates

Our engineers continually update HybridWallet because they understand the importance of security in an ever-changing threat landscape.

User Support

Active user support for Premium users only will be available at product launch.

Multifactor Authentication

HybridWallet Premium leverages patented software provided by AuthenDigital to ensure transactions come only from your authorized iOS devices.

No Personal Info

Hybrid Wallet does not require that you provide any personal information to use it, not even your e-mail address!

HybridWallet Comparision

Find out why we are the best option

Features Software Wallets Hardware Wallets HybridWallet Free HybridWallet Premium
Required user experience Low Medium Low Low
Average pricing Low/Free High Free Low
Backup and restore wallets
No need for hardware device
Secure patented solution*

*Secure patented solution by AuthenDigital.

**HybridWallet is the only solution available to the crypto market that protects your digital assets with the unique Authen Digital patented combination of software and hardware resulting in fast, secure, user-friendly transactions. Your assets will be protected even when login credentials are stolen, since physical possession of your actual devices is required to complete login process. You, with your devices will enjoy the peace of mind of having next generation security protection provided by Authen Digital.