About HybridWallet

With the popularization of cryptocurrencies, the market demands a secure and safe wallet. Hybrid wallet is leading the drive to provide a secure digital wallet infrastructure for the modern cryptocurrency world. Why waste valuable time and effort in building your crypto assets only to load those assets into a system that was not written with security from the outset?

We have come a long way.

HybridWallet History:

  • May2021

    New Version Development

    We've started working on the whole new HybridWallet development. This will work with the all new Authen Digital in cloud and support many crypto curencies.

  • June2018

    Website Released

    HybridWallet's website released and marketing strategies outline the promotion of the secure wallet.

  • Mar2018

    PoC and Market Analysis

    Poof of Concept implemented and market analysis completed.

  • Dec2017


    The idea of a hybrid wallet with patented security software was born.

  • Jun2017

    InitiaI idea

    There is no secure and easy to use wallet available in the market, where users can keep their investment safe while maintaining a user friendly experience. Pairing a wallet with AuthenDigital's "get out of the users way" approach to security seems like a winning combination.